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With Me As Your 

Consultant, Coach & Mentor....

You Will Gain A Renewed Mindset

So you can have a clear perspective of your journey.

You will know the exact path to follow to achieve your goals.

You Will Acquire Creative Self Discovery Ideas

You will benefit from innovative techniques, tools and guidance to move forward with.

You will achieve your goals faster with less effort

You Will Recieve Sound Accountability

I will walk alongside you, you will never feel alone in your process.

You will avoid costly mistakes, setbacks and disappointments as you move forward

"I have over 10 years of experience in the area of mental health, life coaching, behavior modification and personal development transformation. My best experiences came not from the classroom, but from Life Experiences I have endured up to this point."

RICH,LLC Services:

 I have taken the time to design a coaching program that would cater to the individual's needs. 

To assist you with your journey, I have established key services that can be tailored to your needs, around these 5 pillars: 

Mind, Body, Spirit, Vision, & personal Finances 

Discovery On-boarding Calls

1Hr Intensive Caoching Consultation

Monthly Coaching Program

Member Mentorship Program

Learn More

Live RICH Guarantee

Living a richer life at a higher level of fulfillment is my unwavering promise to you. Struggling during difficult times. Hitting roadblocks. Not enjoying life as you know you sholuld; these will become a thing of the past. 

Through my innovative 3 step Live RICH System, you will become the successful woman you were born to be!

Mastering the magic of life and living each day with more psssion, purpose and joy is at the heart of everything that I do. Not only will your dark days be behind you & your midnights turning into days, you will hve a sense of vitality like never before!

As Easy As 1-2-3

My ultimate goal is to get you moving forward towards:

*Personal Freedom

*Time Freedom

*Financial Freedom

Operating under Less Stress and 

getting you to a place of living a more satisfying life that you desire!

Everyone Has A Story On The Inside of Them.....

One of the greatest accomplishments thus far has been, being in a position to reach individuals across the world with my books. 

Many wouldn't believe that it took me 90 days to write, illustrate and publish my first book!!

YES 90 DAYS!!!

Since then, writing has become a true passion, as I pour out what's in me designed to help others!

True transformation is the real process!

Grab Your Copy Today!

Tune In!

 Rich Talks, Tips & Strategies 

Podcast Hosted By Coach Courtney J

It's In The Connection!









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One thing I enjoy doing the most is connecting with those that are looking to connect with me; and also helping those that normally struggle with admitting they need help.. 

I get it, I was once there. 

Now, I understand that life was not meant for me to experience it alone, and neither should you! 

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