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RICH  Workshops 

& Personal Development Training

Deciding you need personal development is a lifestyle choice that we all should embrace at some point in our lives. Wanting to become better is solely a decision that takes place in your mind. 

Gaining access to trainings and information is just the start of getting your life back on the right track. It is what you begin to implement after attending those workshops that makes the difference. 

Coach Courtney J has created an outline of different workshops that she will be facilitating.

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Master Class & Webinar Schedule

May Workshops


Tapping Into The Woman I Am: Through Mind, Body & Spirit 


Building Up Momentum For The Journey

June 2022

Take Advantage of You: It's Time To Put You First

July 2022

Distingushing What It Takes To Be You!

August 2022

Balancing The Roles, Responsibilities & Opportunties of The Journey

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